Component Pro is a world leading sourcing company, specializing in the procurement of high-end electronic components at unbeatable prices worldwide.


Our Profile

Established in 2014 in Hong Kong, Component Pro is a world-class sourcing company, offering its global clientele with wide-spectrum of procurement solutions of new & used high-end electronic components at unbeatable prices.

At Component Pro, we understand that in a dynamic and competitive world like ours, the ability of manufacturing companies to purchase high-quality electronic components, which will be supplied to them quickly and in low prices, is paramount. This will enable each company, big or small, to significantly reduce production costs and increase profitability.

With deep understanding of customer's needs, personal service around the clock and robust working relationships with leading manufacturers around the world, Component Pro is able to provide its clients with peace of mind regarding their electronic components needs.

Our Clients

Although based in Hong-Kong, Component Pro provides its electronic component procurement services to customers from all around the globe, mainly from Europe, Africa and the Far East.

Component Pro's clients include companies from a wide range of industries from the private, public and business sectors. Each client, big or small, receives personal attention and excellent service, beginning requirements mapping, carrying on by placing equipment orders, through to conveying it to the client's whereabouts. 

Amongst the company's loyal clients, you may find communication companies, cellular companies, technology firms, electrical components wholesalers, technical service providers, electrical appliance manufacturers, technological startups, biotechnology companies, technological R&D firms and technology-oriented hubs.

Why Us?

High-End Quality: Component Pro distributes the finest electronic components, manufactured by the best electronic equipment manufacturers in the world.

Variety: Component Pro sells its worldwide clients with a wide-range of high quality electronic components, including new and used components, as well as raw materials for self-assembly of components and advanced electronic equipment.

Attractive Prices: Component Pro purchases large amounts of electronic equipment and components from the world's leading suppliers, enabling it to offer its clients with highly attractive prices.

Short Delivery Time: Component Pro, with is diversified branches and suppliers, is spread throughout the world, enabling it to provide its clients with orders within short timetables.

A-Z Service: Component Pro provides its clients with end to end procurement service, beginning with requirements mapping, carrying on by placing equipment orders, through to conveying it to the client’s whereabouts worldwide.

Sale Items

Catalog number Quantity Price Refurbished
AD669ANZ 450 $ 31.85 $ 27.2
AD7245ATQ 480 $ 35.60 $ 23.51
AT27 C040-7OPU 700 $ 3.20  
NSS35200CF8T1G 910 $ 0.12  
ATXMEGA8E5AN 370 $ 2.72  
LM124J/PB 400 $ 4.70  
MCP3425A0TE/CH 350 $ 1.90  
DG470EQ-T1E3**MULT 1 500 $ 0.90  
ADA40772TRMZ-EP 150 $ 8.13  
BA10339 500 $ 0.29  
MCP4728A1E/UN 250 $ 1.49  
AD5432YRMZ 500 $ 5.78  
2N4393 4000 $ 1.28  
LMV358IDT 300 $ 0.24  
EPM9320LC8415 280 $ 142  
CD4013BF3A 150 $ 11.46  
CD4050BF3A 200 $ 7.26  
CD4053BF3A 340 $ 12.65  
CD4060BF3A 180 $ 7.54  
TLC2652ACP 450 $ 5.20  
ALA2F05 300 $ 1.78  
ALZ11B05 200 $ 2.62  
AD5530BR UZREEL7 230 $ 7.17  
AD549LHZ 410 $ 48.52 $ 29.80
AD823ARZ 680 $ 4.33  
AD780BRZ 500 $ 8.14  
AD9958BCP Z 0 $ 37.57 $ 21.20

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